About Us

Established as a Florida corporation over 15 years ago, SYSTEMS INTEGRATION & MAINTENANCE, INC. (SIM) is a licensed electrical contractor in the State of Florida as well as a Miami-Dade County designated Construction Small Business Enterprise (CSBE), Local Developing Business (LDB) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE). SIM also has an SBE certification in Palm Beach County.

SIM is the primary sub-contractor in the Central and South Terminal Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) at Miami International Airport (MIA) since 2007. SIM’s airport operation (SIM-AS) includes bag jammers/manual encoders and an on-site manager. SIM personnel are deployed at the default pier at Terminal J, as well as the transfer line, oversize belts and manual encoders (both at J and F). SIM personnel also work in the TSA room, perform tub collection and distribution, and conduct daily cleaning operations in the bag room. SIM also provides personnel to the BHS primary contractor as needed.

SIM is an associate member of the MIA Airlines Management Council (MIA-AMC). SIM participates in AMC monthly meetings in order to stay informed of airline, service provider, MDAD, TSA and CBP issues. SIM also actively participates in BHS meetings with the primary contractor, airline customers and service company representatives in order to stay on top of all BHS related issues.

Additionally, SIM has provided maintenance and installation services for the Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Turnpike Enterprise, MDX Authority, and the City of Aventura among others. SIM provides ITS maintenance for the Florida Turnpike Enterprise, on an on-going basis, since April of 2009. SIM has also been involved with construction and maintenance projects in and around Miami International Airport (MIA).